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Music & Alexander Technique
Music & Alexander Technique<br>

Join HITE and Hannah Cahill in West London for the Music & Alexander Technique Workshop by arrangement on a Saturday afternoon from 1:30-4:30pm.

Improving your posture and preventing unnecessary tension is fundamental to musical performance.

The Alexander Technique will help you:
- whether you are a child or an adult; amateur or professional musician /singer/conductor.
- not by teaching you to do what is right, but to help stop you doing what is unnecessary.
- awaken your awareness to allow you to develop your innate potential.
- deal with stage fright and health problems such as back/shoulder/neck pain and RSI.
- have greater confidence, stamina and mental resilience as a musician/singer.
- make the most of your ongoing instrumental/vocal/orchestral lessons and work

Then come and join HITE and Hannah Cahill
for the Music & Alexander Technique Workshop - in West London.
Please note no refunds are possible for cancellations with less than one week notice.