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Running & Alexander Technique Sessions 

Improve your posture and running with Alexander Technique: - one -to- one, workshops, shoes, videos and testimonials 

According to my ipod : this morning: fastest mile ever, ran about 20s/km faster than usual - and no extra effort, thanks. ..... I have been running for 13 years and never improved so fast. Now it's a matter of keeping it up. 
S.A., a Neurosurgeon - Workshop Attendee 
Are you a competitive runner, preparing for a charity run or a recreational runner? 
Are you exploring ways to realise your running potential by making both step changes and marginal improvements? 
Are you wanting to actually experience what it feels like to run with better poise? 
Do you have poor posture and struggle to sit-up or stand-up straight without effort?  
Do you realise that poor posture will effect your running HOWEVER much you train, WHATEVER your training programme is and whatever SHOES you wear? 
Are you aware that the Alexander Technique is the only technique that helps you to undo unhelpful postural patterns and restore natural poise. 
Whatever your goal or ambition would you like to: 
run faster, with more ease and with less susceptibility to injury? 
meet other runners who are interested in running 'intelligently? 
run well by becoming aware of and preventing habits that are limiting your performance? 
receive expert Alexander Technique hands-on guidance to help restore your natural poise and be able to take this into your running? 
If you would prefer a one-to-one, or a one-to two partner Running and Alexander Technique Session this can be arranged by contacting us directly. 
HITE Running and Alexander Technique workshops are independent of any running shops or running shoe manufacturers. 
More Workshop Attendee Comments ... 
"I knew I was running in a way that was begining to cause me injury,  
but didn't know how to correct it, now I do!
"Good balance of theory and practical application." 
"Very detailed; personal approach." 
"Very practical which was excellent as I immediately felt the difference" 
"Excellent trainers. Clear, good explanations and answered all questions." 
"Felt less formal than a classroom" 
"Very well paced, not rushed, clear explanations." 
"Am running faster with less effort" 
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I just had to write….. went out for first run last night, since Sunday. It was a truly horrible evening, wet, head wind, hideous, hills, you name it, we had it. But off I went, 5 and a half miles, IN THE FRONT!! ( I am never in the front) and got back to the start first, not that it’s a race but I am never ever in first! The other girls were amazed and couldn’t believe it, neither could I. Unbelievable. Also the best bit is that my bunion area didn’t blister, amazing. I didn’t put a plaster on, just running socks and trainers. Unbelievable!!! 
So that was the best £75 I have ever spent and will certainly be back for more. 
Thank you so very much. 
Improve your running workshop at Milton Country Park Cambridge - 21 Oct 2012 am 
HITERunning. The Alexander Technique helps you improve your running.
Running & Alexnader Technique Sessions
ONE-to-ONE and 
Sessions Available. Read on for more info or Contact us with your needs >> 
"I had a great run, 3hrs 28 mins - which is 30 minutes better than last time - and with no injuries. Wouldn't have done it without your help...! 
2nd time Marathon runner 
HITE Running Workshop
HITE Running and Alexander Technique Workshops 
any Running Shop 
or Shoe Manufacturer. 
"I went for a short lunchtime run and tried the new technique. Looking up really makes a difference. I played with lean & speed – it's incredible. I went between 10-20 sec per k faster, which was a real effort before the workshop. I am not sure if I can maintain that pace for 13 miles but I will train the new technique in the final weeks before my half marathon in Hamburg." 
Graphic designer 
"Very practical which was excellent as I immediately felt the difference" 
Improve your running workshop at Milton Country Park Cambridge - 21 Oct 2012 pm 
Running Workshop on Clapham Common 18.03.12 
Clapham South Tube Station: Running and Alexander Technique Workshops on Clapham Common
Bandstand on Clapham Common.  Running and Alexander Technique workshops on Clapham Common.
Clapham Common open space for Running and Alexander Technique workshops.
Map of Clapham Common for Running and Alexander Technique workshops.