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Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity 
Improve how you sit, stand, walk, work and run by Seán Carey 

Seán Carey PhD has written a groundbreaking book on the Alexander Technique. After introductory chapters, on FM Alexander's discovery and inhibition and direction, those that follow analyse a sequence of basic human movements of the sort that all able-bodied people on the planet perform. So you will learn in detail about standing, walking, running (even for a bus), sitting, bending, using the arms and hands, lying down, and breathing – including the reasons why most of us carry out such movements ‘badly’. 
Key sections in each chapter are summarised and illustrated, and examples of movements are provided from everyday life as well as specialist activities associated with dance, musical and sports performance. The text concludes with an insightful section on answers to frequently asked questions from new and experienced students, covering topics such as the Alexander Technique’s role in achieving relief from chronic lower back pain, the use and significance of the eyes in movement, the technique's application to yoga or working out at the gym, and the myths surrounding core stability and core strength training. 
Written in a highly accessible style, Seán deftly uses insights from social and cultural anthropology, evolutionary biology and social neuroscience to provide a modern and uniquely applicable context for understanding and bringing to life the practice of the Alexander Technique in your everyday life. 
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The author 
Seán Carey PhD studied social science as both an undergraduate and postgraduate at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He started taking lessons in the Alexander Technique as part of his rehabilitation and recovery from a motorcycle accident in which his right leg and foot were badly 
broken. He became so fascinated with the process that he went on to train as a 
teacher qualifying in 1986. He is co-author of four critically acclaimed books on the technique – The Alexander Technique with John Nicholls, Explaining the Alexander Technique and Personally Speaking with Walter Carrington, and Alexander Technique: the Ground Rules with Marjory Barlow. 
Seán has worked on four Society of the Alexander Technique (STAT)-approved 
teacher training courses in London. He is also honorary senior research fellow in the School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester. Seán has written for The Guardian, The Independent, Mauritius Times and New African. 
Publishing Details: 
ISBN: 978 0 95689 975 0 
Paperback, 220x170mm, 240 pages in colour with over 150 illustrations and pictures. 
'Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity is an excellent book. It's always difficult to write engagingly about something that has to be felt and lived for true understanding, but Sean Carey has managed it. I find myself regularly dipping into it for a refresher of everything I learned from him many years ago.' 
Dr Roger Neighbour, OBE, former President of the Royal College of General Physicians and author of The Inner Consultation and The Inner Apprentice. 
‘The Alexander Technique is the perfect antidote to the busy lives we lead, and this absorbing book takes the reader gently through the techniques to achieve that equilibrium.’ 
Rosalynde Lowe CBE, former Chair of the Queen's Nursing Institute; current Member of the Joint Board of Brighton and Sussex Medical School; and Alexander Technique pupil 
‘I have had 50 plus Alexander lessons but have never touched on much of the “stuff” included in Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity. Have I been short changed?! Or was it because I was not paying attention?! There is more to the technique than I ever knew, and Seán Carey’s book reveals how and why.’ 
Pamela McGregor, Alexander Technique pupil 
‘The book Alexander Technique teachers and students always wished had been written has finally arrived.’ 
Dr Barry Collins, Alexander Technique teacher 
Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity
Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity
Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity
Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity
Sean Carey
Seán Carey PhD MSTAT 
Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity
Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity
Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity