In order that we can work well together whether buying books, taking lessons or attending a workshop... 
When you buy a book, a DVD or a CD 
The contract between you, the buyer and us HITE, is that we will provide you with the new item, (unless we have agreed otherwise) using the least expensive, but in our opinion adequately robust, packaging and postage for whereever you live in the world and cannot be held responsible for the opinions expressed in the book(s). We do understand that on occasion there are mishaps, but on any such occasion we urge you to contact us to discuss the problem. We will always try to put it right as long as you contact us within 30 days of receipt of your order date. 
In the case of cancellation after booking for a lesson 
Bookings are made on a first come first served basis therefore, once you book an appointment it is guaranteed and we will turn other prospective clients away who may later want that time. Hence, If you need to cancel any appointment we politely request that you provide at least 48 hours notice to avoid being charged for the session. 
On the other hand HITE will provide you with 72 hours notice in the case that we need to postpone a lesson. In the case that we have to, for an unforeseeable reason, cancel your session with less than 48 hours notice, you will obtain not only your re-scheduled session, but an additional session at no charge. 
In the case of cancellation after booking for an event or workshop 
Charges for events or workshops can sometimes depend on the number of people we expect to attend. Because of that we always try to note in the description of the event just what the cancellation conditions are. 
There will be a statement like: 
"Please book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited and note that no refunds will be possible after Day Month Year." 
However if we have forgotten to put such a statement in then we will always provide a refund if you cancel one calendar month or more before the event. Partial refunds may be offered after the cutoff date in some circumstances. 
In the case of lateness of arrival for a lesson 
Sessions are 45 minutes in duration with the exception of the Introductory Session which is 1 hour. The session time starts at the time that it is booked for and in the case of lateness we are unable to extend the session time due to other client bookings following on from yours. We therefore recommend that you arrive in good time to make the start of your session. There is a large waiting room available in Harley Street. 
In the case of lateness of arrival for an event or workshop 
Events are carefully planned to a schedule and so late arrival will mean that you will miss some of the learning. It will very rarely be possible to go over material again as this would disrupt the session for the other attendees. We cannot give refunds for late arrival and therefore recommend that you arrive in good time to make the start of the event. There is a large waiting room available in Harley Street. 
In the case that you decide to discontinue with a course of sessions 
We have not had this situation happen yet, but just in case and to be clear, as there is a discount for prepaying a course of sessions please do not take up this offer unless you are reasonably certain that all of your sessions will be used. If this is not possible and a refund is necessary, the refund will be calculated by charging full session price of £75 for the sessions taken before the cancellation. 
‘Risks’ to be aware of when you take Alexander Technique Sessions 
Please be aware that whilst the work with an Alexander Technique teacher is relatively gentle, physiological changes do take place and you should be aware that during / after a session you may experience any of the following. If you are in any doubt about whether you should take sessions please contact your GP to discuss it. 
You may feel more relaxed and even sleepy after a session – do bear this in mind when you plan any activities following your session. 
You may feel unusually elated from the positive effects of the session – mentally, physically and emotionally. Take care during this period as this is when absent-mindedness / accidents can happen! 
You may experience different / changing patterns of pain and even a temporary increase in discomfort in the process of change induced by the Alexander Technique. 
You may feel light headed (relatively frequent) following table work which is usually quickly alleviated with a glass of water and being gentle with yourself. There is a slight risk of fainting. Do please advise us If you have low blood pressure and also speak to your GP with respect to the appropriateness of the Alexander Technique for you. 
As 10 Harley Street is a public place and as we work with more than one person there is a risk of infection. Whilst infection control procedures are implemented by 10 Harley Street and in our own procedures, we politely request that if you have a transmittable infection then you inform us and we discuss how we might work. In the case that you have, for example, a bad cold we would request that you postpone your lesson (with 48 hours notice to avoid payment) and that we likewise do the same for you. 
If you have any additional questions / concerns with respect to these terms and conditions, please do contact us. 
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