client testimonials 
"I wanted to improve my posture and to reduce the pain in my lower back. I hoped that I would learn to 'stand up straight' as my mother used to urge me. 
I think that my posture has improved enormously. I now stand and sit up straight, and feel very comfortable doing so. This has improved my self-image. It is now very rare for me to feel any pain at all in my lower back." 
Mother of two & serious tennis player, female 
I was sure I had gained height in my last session. So the next time I asked Kamal to measure my height at the start and then at the end of my session. I was delighted - I had come in at 5' 5" and went out at 5' 6". I had gained an inch!! 
Jackie, retired 
"The reason I decided to take up the Alexander Technique were because I saw my bad posture on a home made DVD. I didn't really believe that it would make that much difference to my posture, as I have vertigo and I naturally put my head to one side, to compensate for it. 
I have noticed that my posture has greatly improved, more so when I am in my session with Claire, but it does show me what can be obtained; and when I make a conscious effort. 
I definitely walk a lot taller and it also makes me feel a lot more confident, I feel like I am in control, I feel stronger in my body..” 
Accountant, female 
Comments from participants at a recent workshop: 
Alexander Technique for Lawyers ... an Introduction. 
"Very informative, but not bombarded or overwhelming - pitched at the right level and demonstrations excellent." 
"...practical advice given.....Fab. Made me feel at ease." 
"Really effective and engaging speakers...." 
"Content was good. Balance between theory and practical exercises was really effective." 
"A last resort before back surgery. At the time I began the Alexander sessions I had been having bouts of severe pain in the right hip almost every day from July 14th until August 17th and then again from the 1st to 9th September (despite epidural injection). Walking was slow and needed great effort. Unable to participate in daily life / family activities. 
Within two sessions pain greatly reduced and able to walk and drive. Within 6 sessions painkillers no longer required and I have learned ways to prevent the pain recurring. Surgery has been avoided. When walking after the seventh session I found the neck and head felt remarkably free. Although the pace of walking remains slow, the sense of liberation and well being is quite dramatic. It is now again a pleasure to walk. The effects noted have remained 6 months after the 18 sessions.” 
Retired Professor in Endocrinology, age 82, male 
RSI - "I wanted to learn how to improve my posture without straining. 
I have a much higher awareness of how I'm using my body. Not just posture-wise but in all aspects of movement and muscle tension. Mentally, I’m calmer because I know there are simple principles I can apply in situations where I might otherwise struggle with arm pain. I'm delighted to have come across the Alexander Technique and to have you as a teacher" 
Computer Programmer, age 29, male 
"Long standing shoulder pain which worsened following the birth of my baby 
The pain has gone! Although it's prone to return when I'm tired or stressed, I now know how to manage it. My posture is much more elegant. Walk better. My singing voice has improved too! It has made a huge difference to my well-being and quality of life and I'm really so grateful." 
Managing Director, age 32, female 
"Neck/back stiffness and pain. General feeling of stiffness, heaviness and effort of movement. Hoped for better posture and ease of movement. 
Felt dramatically different after each session. Lighter, looser, almost floating. Pain and stiffness in neck and back improved considerably and noticed better posture. I have more energy, alertness and am happier as a result." 
Wine buyer, age 30, female 
"I had chronic neck and back pain, awareness of poor general posture, expectation of significant improvement. 
Good improvement in neck problem and increased ability to improve posture and improve general physical discomfort. Claire as an instructor is excellent, knowledgeable, logical and focused. It is a great shame that my location (Asia) will prevent me studying with her further." 
International Marketing Director, age 40, male 
"I have chronic asthma which was deteriorating. I hoped at best to learn a 'coping' strategy to improve my quality of life. 
I have a greater lung capacity, feeling of well-being and healthier body day-to-day. I find the Alexander Technique very reassuring and comforting.” The one to one approach does a great deal to transfer skills and build confidence." 
Communications Manager, age 57, female 
"I have collapsed vertebrae in my lower back. I am and have been used to back pain during my life but this was the worst I had experienced. I hoped for some release from this pain and I was certain this treatment would help me. 
Physically I am now experiencing some pain but this is no way as severe as it was 6-8 months ago (which had been at it’s worst in the first two months.). Mentally I have learned a lot about correct posture which I do try to remember and use the information I have received. Emotionally I am very hopeful that in time the back pain will gradually go. I am optimistic and relieved. My thanks go to Claire Rennie, the practitioner in this technique – without her encouragement and gentle care I would still be as I was some months ago." 
Organist / Pianist, age 82, female 
"I have been an RSI sufferer for the past 12 months with severe discomfort in hands / wrists/ arms and into back/neck. My hope was to get myself to a stage where I could continue working long term.  
I am now much more aware of posture / bad habits and I think a much improved posture as a result of this awareness. It has also helped me re-prioritise and realise that work is not the be all and end all! Things will still get done even if I slow down! I have found the ‘hands on' work particularly useful in reducing the pain. Sessions have been very beneficial." 
Banker – age 28, female 
"I suffered from back pain and wanted to sort out my posture, especially for wearing my wedding dress!. 
My awareness of my body and how it works has increased. I am constantly aware of how I am standing, walking and sitting. The pain has disappeared. I really enjoyed my sessions. Claire is an excellent teacher who is very informed and I have already recommended her to several friends." 
Commercial Property Developer - age 31, female 
"I wanted to improve my posture and pick up tips to pass on to my children for their everyday life and music playing. 
I now stand up straighter, I think about my posture when seated, walking and standing; I can feel relaxed when I apply the Alexander principles. My neck is a lot looser.." 
Mother of two, Age 48, female 
"Alexander Technique did wonders through my two pregnancies. I avoided completely any back pain during my first pregnancy as I did sessions throughout the full 9 months. On my second pregnancy the minute I started to feel a bit of pressure on my back I did a few sessions and the pain was gone. I then carried on doing more regular sessions. I also had an episode of terrible sciatic pain during my second pregnancy which disappeared with just a couple of sessions of Alexander Technique. 
Kamal is an excellent teacher, he "listens" to one's body and applies just the right exercises. I highly recommend it to pregnant women who have back pain. It makes the whole pregnancy experience much more enjoyable!" 
Ines Rocha, banker 
Comments from participants at a recent workshop: 
Running & the Alexander Technique 
"Really well explained, covering all important helpful. Would not have believed the transformation in my running if I hadn't seen it" 
"Just brilliant, very informative and useful." 
"Good combination of practical and theoretical...very coherent and helpful advice for implementing what we learnt." 
"Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters....the before and after videos were excellent." 
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