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Alexander technique HITE 10 Harley Street
HITE helps you to achieve your goals - through improved 
health, well-being and authentic performance and presence 
- personally and professionally. 
HITE delivers education and training services in business, 
healthcare and education which incorporate the Alexander 
Technique, in synergy with other disciplines, to reduce 
healthcare costs and raise performance. 
HITE services in organisations help to develop the authentic 
and fundamental strengths leading to healthier, more effective 
individuals and productive and harmonious organisations. 
 Alexander Technique lessons, APP, DSE Assessments and HITE books ...

Alexander Technique lessons, APP, DSE Assessments and HITE books ... 

DSE Assessment Alexander Technique
HITE Alexander Technique APP
Alexander Technique 
for iPhone & Android 
 HITE Alexander Technique Testimonials

HITE Alexander Technique Testimonials 

"The pain has gone! Although it's prone to return when I'm tired or stressed, I now know how to manage it. My posture is much more elegant. Walk better. My singing voice has improved too! It has made a huge difference to my well-being and quality of life and I'm really so grateful." 
Managing Director, age 32, female 
I stand up straighter, I think about my posture, when seated, walking and standing; I can feel relaxed when I apply the Alexander principles. My neck is a lot looser.. 
Mother of two, age 48, female 
A short film about Alexander Technique in Education. 

Running, Walking, T'ai Chi, Cycling, Qigong & Alexander Technique Events, Courses & Books 

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