Please find below a list of the forthcoming workshops & events available for booking now and all of those that have been organised by HITE Ltd since 2011. Thank you to all of the inspirational teachers/presenters for making them so very special and to those of you who attended. 
If you are interested in presenting a workshop, do contact us>> 
Future Events 
Past Events 
11 February 2023 
Are we ever good enough? 
3 December 2022 
Using Spirals to inform quiet hands-on work 
30 July 2022 
'Undivided Life' 
21 May 2022 
'Why Is It So Hard to Teach the Alexander Technique' 
7 May 2022 
'Smart Hands, Clever Wrists, Funny Fingers (Part 2)' 
23 April 2022 
'Smart Hands, Clever Wrists, Funny Fingers (Part 1)' 
27 November 2021 
'Approaching the Essence' 
18 September 2021 
'Living Alexander Anatomy' 
17 July 2021 
'Using the Whispered Ah for Self-Monitoring' 
10 July 2021 
'Living Alexander Anatomy' 
26 June 2021 
'Breathing and Sensory Appreciation' 
12 June 2021 
'Using the Whispered Ah for Self-Monitoring' 
15 May 2021 
'Breathing and Sensory Appreciation' 
24 April 2021 
'Self Discovery' 
17 April 2021 
27 March 2021 
'Self Discovery' 
20 March 2021 
'Self Discovery' 
19 September 2020 
'Expressive Gesticulation' 
11 July 2020 
'Performance Practice' (Stage 2) 
20 June 2020 
'Performance Practice' (Stage 2) 
13 June 2020 
'Performance Practice' 
16 May 2020 
'Performance Practice' 
9 May 2020 
'Performance Practice' 
2 May 2020 
'Performance Practice' 
2 November 2019 
'Working on Ourselves - on Others' 
5 October 2019 
Arising from Quiet 
21 September 2019 
Three-Dimensional Mindfulness 
24 August 2019 
'The Aleander Technique & Dart' 
29 June 2019 
'Walking with Mechanical Advantage' 
11 May 2019 
'Tools of our trade' 
30 March 2019 
'Uses and Misuses' 
16 February 2019 
'Exploring Lying Down Work' 
18 January 2019 
Celebrate FM Alexander's 150th birthday anniversary 
1 December 2018 
Going from the Known to the Unknown 
9 June 2018 
Chair, Table and Wall (at 10 Harley Street) 
28 April 2018 
Total Integration (at 10 Harley Street) 
10 February 2018 
FM's Four Little Squeezes 
20 January 2018 
Working Systematically 
17 October 2017 
Mechanisms of Sensorimotor Control 
23 June 2017 
Think More Do Less Book Launch 
1 April 2017 
Working within the Hypermobility Spectrum 
18 March 2017 
From the Wall to Walking 


"I have a much higher awareness of how I'm using my body. Not just posture-wise but in all aspects of movement and muscle tension. Mentally, I’m calmer because I know there are simple principles I can apply in situations where I might otherwise struggle with arm pain. I'm delighted to have come across the Alexander Technique and to have you as a teacher" 
Computer Programmer, age 29, male 
"Much more aware of posture / bad habits and I think a much improved posture as a result of this awareness. It has also helped me re-prioritise and realise that work is not the be all and end all! Things will still get done even if I slow down! I have found the ‘hands on work particularly useful in reducing the pain. Sessions have been very beneficial." 
Commercial Property Developer - age 31, female 
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