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Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity by Seán Carey £9.99

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Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity Improve how you sit, stand, walk, work and run by Seán Carey.
ISBN: 978-0-9568997-5-0

Seán Carey PhD, a world-renowned authority on the Alexander Technique, writes in an accessible style. Key sections are summarised and illustrated, and he uses insights from social and cultural anthropology, evolutionary biology and social neuroscience to provide a modern and uniquely applicable context for understanding and bringing to life the practice of the Alexander Technique in everyday life activities.

Ideal for Alexander Technique trainees and teachers to read for themselves and to recommend to students.

This groundbreaking book Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity goes well beyond the subject matter of simple introductory texts and provides you with detailed information on what world-renowned American philosopher and educationalist John Dewey aptly called ‘thinking in activity’.

After introductory chapters, on Alexander’s discovery and on inhibition and direction, those that follow analyse a sequence of basic human movements of the sort that all able-bodied people in any society perform. So you will learn in detail about everyday activities including standing, walking, running sitting, bending, using the arms and hands, lying down, and breathing, including the reasons why most of us do them ‘badly’.

So that you have a handy reference key procedures in the Alexander Technique are summarised in relevant chapters. The book concludes with an insightful section on answers to frequently asked questions from new and experienced students. 
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