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Exploring the Alexander Technique with Walter Carrington: Lessons and Games £25.00

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Exploring the Alexander Technique with Walter Carrington by Seán Carey
ISBN: 978-1-9160728-1-7

Author and certified Alexander Technique teacher Seán Carey, PhD, invites you, in this new book, to go on a journey that explores the essence of the Alexander Technique through the unique perspective of one of its most notable figures, Walter Carrington.

In today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world, the Alexander Technique holds remarkable relevance. It offers a profound understanding of the body-mind connection, unlocking potential for better coordination, movement and well-being.
Walter Carrington’s journey is a remarkable one. He not only studied with FM Alexander himself in London, qualifying in 1939, but later assumed the role of Alexander’s assistant. He eventually assumed responsibility for the teacher training course after Alexander died in 1955.
Walter's legacy has left an indelible mark on the global Alexander Technique community, and Seán’s book brings a fresh and insightful perspective to the subject matter.
Exploring the Alexander Technique with Walter Carrington is divided into five parts that each present a unique angle on Walter’s lessons and the Technique itself:
1. Meeting Walter Carrington: Read the author’s first-person story of their initial introduction to Walter.
2. A Historical and Contemporary Context: Learn about the origins and ongoing applicability of the Technique using Seán’s learning journey, including advice from other first-generation teachers like Peggy Williams and Elisabeth Walker.
3. Private Lessons with Walter: Through transcriptions of 8 private lessons shared publicly for the first time, you can access the essence of the Technique.
4. Mastering the ‘Games’: Immerse yourself in 28 engaging ‘Games’ inspired by Walter's teacher training course, many of which are unique to this publication and each carefully crafted to enhance your practice. They include novel insights into releasing arms with direction, going on to the toes while performing hands on the back of a chair, leaning against a backrest, placing palms on a table or chair to transfer body weight, pelvic rotation and many others.
An ideal way, in the words of FM Alexander, of ‘informing your whole body with thought’.
5. The Powerful Tools of Inhibition, Direction and Movement: Delve into a thought-provoking exploration of these principles and their application in our digital age.

This exclusive hardback book offers practitioners an insider’s perspective into Walter Carrington’s teachings and approach.

All Alexander Technique teachers should read this book. Walter Carrington, taught by FM Alexander, had a well-deserved reputation for clarity and simplicity in his presentation of the Technique that shines through here. The simplicity is of the kind that can only come from the deeply lived experience of embodying and teaching the work, which is why this collection of Walter’s thoughts and training practices is valuable.
John Nicholls, MA (Oxon), Alexander Technique teacher trainer and international Alexander Technique teaching and training consultant

Seán Carey continues his project of documenting the practices of the first generation of Alexander Technique teachers for a contemporary generation of students and teachers. The book outlines and revitalises the tradition of ‘Games’ devised and practised by the Carrington teacher training course, showing how relevant they are to us today – encapsulating as they do the Alexander Technique principle in action in a wide range of activities
Gary Ansdell, Honorary Professor, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy, University of Exeter

Seán Carey offers another welcome and expertly researched book for teachers and students of the Alexander Technique. Written in an accessible style, he shares insights and guidance on practical ways of thinking and activity, whilst paying a warm personal tribute to the teachings of Walter Carrington.
Virginia Stephens, PhD, Alexander Technique teacher

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